About Me

Hi! I’m Day. Thanks for stopping by.
In this site, you will find some examples of my writing.
Back in Brazil, in college, I studied journalism and advertising, majoring in Advertising, then moving to the US where I studied marketing and webdesign.
Writing has been my favorite activity since I was a little girl. It is also one of my greatest skills. Moving to a different country, however, demanded that I start over. I had to perfect my skills in a different language, and also learn a new culture and the needs of a new audience.
I dedicated the last seven years to improve my writing skills. I also had the opportunity to practice these skills in some of my previous jobs.
Today I seek an opportunity to grow in my career as a content strategist and I dedicate this space to showcase some of my skills.
If you have any questions or comments, I’d be delighted to hear from you!