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Be intentional in everything you do. I’ve recently, by chance, heard this line, and I’ve been obsessed with it since.

Like everyone else, I have faced some hardship in life. And just like everyone else, it has molded who I am today. Mainly, I have learned how to be crafty and resourceful, doing just enough to get by. When life demands too much from you, it’s impossible to dedicate yourself to only one thing.

Let me be more clear: I was born in poverty in a third world country. I grew up always hearing that the things I wanted weren’t made for people like me. I had to work harder than most, managing a full-time job plus college being one of the hardest things I had to get through. The only way I could do it was by doing just enough. I had to perform well at my job to keep it, but I couldn’t give it my all. I had to dedicate only enough time to college to learn the things I needed to learn, but I wasn’t able to go above and beyond.

Needless to say, while that strategy took me where I am today – out of poverty and in the Silicon Valley – it isn’t taking me much farther now.

Being intentional can mean many different things for different people, but for me, it means to give my all to anything I set myself to accomplish. It means to go above and beyond, do more than it is expected from you. It means to go big or go home.

It means to never settle for good enough if you know you could’ve done more.

I’ve recently reconnected to my passion for creative writing. When I first started writing as a teenager, there wasn’t anything in the world I cared about more than just writing. I wrote on absolutely any free time I could get. It was my passion, my drive. Then I went many years without ever touching pen and paper. Today I feel like I used to as that teenager. Except now I write in my second language, and I have a lot less free time than I used to.

It is, however, the one thing I love doing most in the world. Should I settle for just good enough? Should I settle for just a hobby?

What happens if I’m intentional? If I take upon myself to be a writer? To publish, to sell and to own either my success or my failure?

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