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Times have changed and the everyday concerns have too. By 2020, half of the world’s population will suffer from some psychological disorder, according to the WHO (World Health Organization), with depression being the most disabling. In the old days, people had different ambitions: to have the dream car, the dream house, to marry, to have children, and so on. Today, the primary desire of most people is one: to have a quality of life.

If this theme has not crossed your mind, surely it has already reached your pocket. People are looking for fast-acting medicines, clothes, cosmetic treatments or anything else that shows they are happy. But are you really happy? If you haven’t reached your ideal quality of life, you are probably feeling incomplete.

What is a quality of life after all? It indicates the level of primary and supplementary conditions of the human being. It involves physical, mental, psychological and emotional well-being, as well as social relationships, such as family and friends, health, education and other parameters that affect your life in society.

Você precisa de férias ou de um novo emprego?

It takes time and dedication to be happy. To have everything mentioned above, you need to take time to exercise, take care of your mental health, connect with friends, spend time with your family, among other things.

To have a less hectic work routine, which results in a well-being and quality of life, many people are working from home, ie.: becoming freelances, working remotely for a company, or having their own business online. Some are even using this free time to create online courses sharing their hobbies and talents.

Doing something you love is the way to find happiness. Living what you love brings you the quality of life you seek. Do not waste your time anymore! If you have a special talent or a specialized knowledge, share it! Build your online course and help more people learn new things and change to a better life! Then use the spare time to do that sport you’ve always dreamed of, go out with your friends, volunteer at your child’s school, walk your dog, do meditation, take care of you! Your life is precious, take care of it.

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